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Okay. So. Tonight, my best friend Bradley and my mother and I went and saw Paranormal Activity 3. Pants were shat, there was lots of shrieking and screaming and clutching of the best friends hand. But instead of my 'review', or whatever, I thought I'd just some of the stuff the three of us came out with while watching the movie, because OMG I can't stop laughing thinking about it.

Mum: I'm having a heart attack! Deanna, I think I'm having a heart attack! 

Bradley: Okay, if I were him, I'd leave them all and become a nun.
Me: What?!
Bradley: I'd go to a nunnery.
Me: You mean a monastery. To become a monk.
Bradley: No. I mean a nunnery, to become a nun. No one would ever think to look for me there.

Mum: What's this movie called again? Phenomenal Activity?

(at this point, we were facing each other, not the screen, and we were cowered down in our seats with both of our arms up in front of us)
Me: I can't look anymore. No. No more.
Bradley: I don't want to look. I'm done.
Me: Well one of us has to look!
Bradley: Not me, I looked last time!
Me: I'm not looking.
Bradley: Okay, we'll look together.

Bradley: No. No. I'm not having fun anymore. Deanna, take me home. I want to go home.

Me: He's hot!
Bradley: I don't care if he's hot, right now he deserves to die.

And to sum it all up:

Guy sitting behind us: This is fucked. This is a fucked up movie. Everyone's fucked. Fuck this.

It was so good. So good. Definitely go see it if you haven't already!
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Over in [ profile] ontdcreepy, [ profile] moonspell  made a post about the Dogtown Werewolf. It got me really interested because my family is Mauritian and I grew up hearing stories about things like that. I mentioned this in a comments, and a couple of creepies asked me to ask my Grandmere more about it. So I did. I actually went and filmed it, because I knew I wouldn't remember everything she told me. Below the cut is a transcript of part of the video. English isn't my Grandmere's first language, so sorry if it gets a bit confusing. She also said if anyone has any questions or wants to know more, to ask me and she'll answer them if she can :)

(just a note - the French term for a werwolf is "loup-garou". Mauritian Creole is basically a simpler version of French. Most of the words are spelled phonetically - so "loup-garou" becomes "lou-garrou")

grandmere talks about the lou-garrou's )


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