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Over in [ profile] ontdcreepy, [ profile] moonspell  made a post about the Dogtown Werewolf. It got me really interested because my family is Mauritian and I grew up hearing stories about things like that. I mentioned this in a comments, and a couple of creepies asked me to ask my Grandmere more about it. So I did. I actually went and filmed it, because I knew I wouldn't remember everything she told me. Below the cut is a transcript of part of the video. English isn't my Grandmere's first language, so sorry if it gets a bit confusing. She also said if anyone has any questions or wants to know more, to ask me and she'll answer them if she can :)

(just a note - the French term for a werwolf is "loup-garou". Mauritian Creole is basically a simpler version of French. Most of the words are spelled phonetically - so "loup-garou" becomes "lou-garrou")

grandmere talks about the lou-garrou's )
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Guys, say a little prayer (or if you're not religious, just keep them in your thoughts) for the people in Queensland. The flooding has gotten really bad there, I was just talking to my auntie and she said they've evacuated Brisbane. It's heading down the coast so it looks like it'll hit northern N.S.W. before too long.

I'm really worried about all my family up there. We've gotten in contact with most of them and the ones who haven't been evacuated are stocking up on supplies and are safe for now.

We're watching it on the news, I can't believe how bad it is! Apparently a king tide just came through, and it cause some sort of giant in-land wave.

God, sometimes it seems like this country hates us :(

EDIT: email from my auntie -

Hi guys, so far we are okay, probably one of the few town that hasn't been hit yet. There is going to be a king tide tomorrow and they are saying at least 9000 homes will be under water.
It's very scary, it feels like a bomb ticking any minute it will go off. The dam is at 173% capacity as soon as it reaches 200 it will explode and the rivers are already flooded.
Please pray for us, it's looking pretty hopeless. Love you heaps xx



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