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This journal is friends-locked except for fandom related things. If I don't know you and we've never spoken before please don't add me, I won't add you back. If you'd like to friend me because we have spoken before or because we have things in common then please leave a comment on this post. Want to get to know me more? Check out the meme thing tag. I tend to spill everything when it comes to those. Otherwise, just ask!


I'm Aussie. I spend my days watching true-crime documentaries and reading history books. I'm honest and open, so ask me anything! I'm terrified of birds, but I have a soft spot in my heart for penguins because I think they're adorable. Also they don't fly, so I don't feel too threatened by them. I like black and white films and cello rock, and am completely and utterly obsessed with Clara Bow. I like to paint. I write stories and take pictures. I respect people's opinions, but once you fuck me over, I'm done with you. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, and I'm getting better one day at a time. I play the Sims 2 and I use it as a medium to write original stories, as well as stories based on the pre-made characters. My Sims 2 community is at [personal profile] there_was_sun, and it's where I post all my picspam and stories. I love music, and I've started uploading the mixtapes and fanimxes I make to my journal. From now own, they (as well as my icons) will be posted over at theworlditgoes. You can also find links to the mixes on this post.

Random flailing about my various fandoms (usually Harry Potter and Glee, though I've starting dabbling with Misfits and True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries). Sims 2 pic spams. My photography. Mixtapes. Icons. Rec lists for fanfiction. Nonsense about my life and family and friends. Some of my own writing. Me complaining about my own writing. Me complaining. A lot.

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I'm not a country fan, but do I have a soft spot for Shania Twain. And oh my god I love Katie Gavin. Just. Everything she does. I love her cover of this song sfm. ♥

There are so many talented musicians on youtube, it blows my mind. Does anyone have a favourite, or even just an awesome cover a song on youtube? Link me! I love discovering new music.
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I have another version of this list made private floating around on my livejournal somewhere, but I've edited it and have actually gotten around to doing some of the mixes on it - hence this new shiny version!

strikethrough = posted
italics = in the final stages
bold = in the early stages
plain = hasn't been started

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I've been listening to the Wabler version of Bills, Bills, Bills on repeat since I downloaded it a couple of hours ago. SO GOOD. 

(my reaction to hearing the song? see the guy behind Kurt that's all like "CHYEAAAAAAH!" - that was me)

After all the shit going on, it's lovely to just sit back and listen to Darren Criss and get all excited about a new Glee episode and promises of Kurt/Blaine-ness.

Anyone else heard it yet? DO YOU THINK IT'S AWESOME Y/Y? And is anyone else besides me looking forward to the idea that Blaine might have a ~dark side? Methinks I've been influenced by the [ profile] glee_angst_meme...
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What is it with men acting like it's them that gets to decide what 'lady-like' behaviour is? Seriously?

So I'm on youtube, and someone sends me this link to Jessie J and her single "Do It Like A Dude". I'm told she's like "the British Lady Gaga", which made me go a bit like this :/ because I love my Mama Monster and I'm really wary of people proclaiming other artists to be like her. I give it a go though and I have to admit, it's pretty darn catchy. Then I see "Do It Like a Dude - acoustic" and because I'm a sucker for a girl and a guitar, I check it out.

And damn.


She can sing. She's not just autotuned nonsense and ridic dance moves. She has a set of pipes on her. So I get all excited and read through the comments, expecting people to be like "yay, finally another female artist who can actually carry a tune without the help of a computer" (and yes, I know, it's YouTube, I kind of set myself up for failure). Of course, some guy decides to leave a comment along the lines of:

"this is degrading and she is not acting like a lady"

And maybe it's because I'm tired and I don't feel well but FUCK. What the hell is this 'lady-like' behaviour, and who gets to decide what is 'lady-like' and what isn't? From what I can see, it's apparently men. Fuck that. (this is pretty much what I said in response to that guy,  btw.)

So yes. Just wanted to put that out there because it really pissed me off and I will probably add more when I'm not feeling like throwing up. Thoughts, comments?
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I posted a Lanie Lane video a couple of weeks ago, but I just want to pimp out her new single What Do I Do? which is freaking awesome. This is a live version, but I think you can find the radio version on the triple j site. She's amazing and adorable and I love love love her style.

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So today, thanks to a friend of mine, I discovered Lanie Lane.

I'm a Jazz baby, and I grew up listening to the Andrews Sisters and Billie Holiday and a whole number of musicians from the 30's - 50's. So when I saw the description for her on her facebook page, I had to check her out. And I think she's brilliant and I'm totally squeeing listening to her because she's just adorable and wonderful and very talented and why hasn't she been signed yet? ♥


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