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Birthdate:Oct 5
Location:Sydney, Australia

I'm Inferi, or Dede, whichever you prefer. I'm twenty years old, bisexual, and currently living in a pretty shitty Australian suburb with my amazingly wacky family. I speak Creole at home, have red(ish) hair, and enjoy baking. I'm very clumsy and quite morbid. One day I would like to be happy.

I like old school hollywood & horror movies & being barefoot & the colour green & visiting libraries & taking photographs & old houses & going on road trips & exploring the unknown.

IMPORTANT - If you'd like to friend me, please read my sticky post and then leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do. Also, please note that I am an adult, and I write about adult things. If that bothers you, just click the back button.

Sims 2 shenanignans can be followed over at [personal profile] there_was_sun. Icons, mixes and fanmixes are all over at theworlditgoes.

Interests (148):

"save me barry!", alela diane, antique jewellery, art, asdfghjkl;, astrology, aussie slang, b-movie monsters, being barefoot, bi-winning, big damn heroes, black cats, bones, boys, bride of frankenstein, british accents, brittany/santana, bubblewrap, calligraphy pens, cat power, catholic ritualism, cello rock, cemeteries, chanel, clara bow, cocorosie, creepy pasta, cryptozoology, cthulhu, cults, cupcakes, curiosities, dalton academy, damon/elena, devendra banhart, disney movies, disturbing books, documentaries, edgar allen poe, egyptian mythology, epidemics, evil dead, exorcisms, fanfiction, fat acceptance, florence + the machine, flower punk, folklore, forests, freak folk, friday night maccas runs, fridays, full moons, gaga ooh la la, gay rights, getting lost, giraffes, girls, glee, graveyards, greek mythology, grimm fairytales, harry potter, hating james blunt songs, historical fiction, history, hogwarts, horror, human rights, immortal pricks, inferi, innuendo, james potter, james/lily, jazz, john cusack movies, kate nash, kurt/blaine, lace, languages, laughing till i cry, long drives, making fun of twilight, marauders, mental health, musicals, mythology, myths, nanowrimo, nerdery, neutral milk hotel, nosferatu, not wearing pants, ocd, oddities, old wives' tales, olive snook, opera in the shower, painting, photography, portishead, post mortem photography, pro choice, purposely mispronouncing words, pushing daisies, quinn/rachel, quoting obscure movies, red lipstick, reincarnation, remus lupin, remus/sirius, repo! the genetic opera, romance novels, rudolph valentino, sarcasm, second hand clothes, serial killers, shoebox project, sims 2, sookie/eric, spandex and glitter, spinny chairs, spirituality, spramping, spring awakening, stormy weather, taboos, tea, tentacles, the black keys, the kelly/nathan/simon/alisha/curtis love pentagon, the unholy trinity, the victorian era, then who was phone?, things that go bump, thunderstorms, tomfoolery, totally awesome, true blood, unconventional beauty, vodka, why the face?, winter, women’s rights, writing, you-know-who, ziegfeld girls, zombies

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