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Nov. 9th, 2011 09:44 pm
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Harry Potter babble ahead (and how I missed it so!)

So for like, ages, I've seen Lily Evans and James Potter in my head as Kate Nash and Darren Criss. I made posts about them. I posted fanmixes with them on the covers. And then tumblr came along and ruined it all.

Who is Andrew Garfield? I had no idea up until a week ago when I watched The Social Network for the first time and had a "who-is-this-gorgeous-man-and-why-haven't-I-heard-of-him-before" moment. So now Andrew Garfield is James Potter Okay. Cool. But then you go on tumblr and it's all KAREN GILLAN and I know a couple of people on my f-list were all about her being Lily but I was so stubborn and now all I see is KAREN AND ANDREW OH GOD THEY'RE PERFECT, mostly because of things like this.

So yeah. I've been converted.

And also one day I'm going to post my epic long list of lilyxjames fanfiction. One day.

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Okay, well everybody and their grandmother seems to be posting their dream casts for the marauders and Lily and so far I've loved what everyone has suggested.

Except for Lily.

Now, don't get me wrong: the idea of Karen Gillan/Alison Sudol/various redheaded models are lovely, but they never really seem to capture the Lily in my head. So here is a completely random post about how I love Kate Nash and why she's always kinda been 'my Lily.'

(shitty picture is shitty, apologies)
(also, photoshopped green eyes FTW)
  • I've always seen Lily as more of a curvy girl; I've noticed a lot of people tend to associate her with stick thin models
  • The freckles! I see Lily as very freckly, so Kate Nash =  perfection
  • Lily was described in the books (by Slughorn) as being cheeky. Kate Nash just embodies that type of personality for me.
  • She (Kate Nash) is very expressive, so it's always easy to find photos of her to use as a reference/make icons.
Er. I'm sure I had other reasons, but those are the ones that spring to mind. So yes. Expect Kate Nash spam later on in the week. And perhaps a post lamenting the fact that all the 'perfect' James' DON'T WEAR GLASSES!


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