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Nov. 9th, 2011 09:44 pm
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Harry Potter babble ahead (and how I missed it so!)

So for like, ages, I've seen Lily Evans and James Potter in my head as Kate Nash and Darren Criss. I made posts about them. I posted fanmixes with them on the covers. And then tumblr came along and ruined it all.

Who is Andrew Garfield? I had no idea up until a week ago when I watched The Social Network for the first time and had a "who-is-this-gorgeous-man-and-why-haven't-I-heard-of-him-before" moment. So now Andrew Garfield is James Potter Okay. Cool. But then you go on tumblr and it's all KAREN GILLAN and I know a couple of people on my f-list were all about her being Lily but I was so stubborn and now all I see is KAREN AND ANDREW OH GOD THEY'RE PERFECT, mostly because of things like this.

So yeah. I've been converted.

And also one day I'm going to post my epic long list of lilyxjames fanfiction. One day.

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I completely forgot about this meme until I was going through the folders in my memories and stumbled across it. I'm going to try and finish it this time, I swear!

Day Four - Your least favourite female character?

I'm going to go with the expected response and say Dolores Umbridge. Everytime she pops up in a chapter, I literally grind my teeth and grimace. She's such a horrible villain - maybe not in the same way as Lord Voldemort is, but enough so that she gives me the heebie jeebies.

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In other news - I've been playing my Sims 2 uberhood nearly every day. Well. Okay I haven't actually been 'playing', but I've finished making over all the maxis characters, including the university ones and several resurrected sims ;) I decided at the last minute to add the Life Stories sims I downloaded from trippytexan's page, and I'm making them over/adding them to various hoods at this very moment. When I'm done with them, I'll start posting batches of the maxis makeover shots (though I might wait a bit longer, my internet is running so slow, it's incredibly frustrating).

ALSO. I was tossing around ideas for photoshoots and fun pictures I can take, and I came up with this idea. And it was meant to be this little thing and then suddenly there were 25 pictures and a whole backstory and then I started getting more ideas about how to tie it in the megahood. So. I will also be posting that in a couple of days. A hint - it has to do with the supernatural sims and my backstories for each of the different types.

Hope you're all well xx
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Day Three - Have any of the film adaptations made you angry because they’ve ignored important parts of the books?

YES. Some people on my f-list have probably already heard me complain about this. WHAT THE FUCK was up with the SWM scene in Order of the Phoenix? Let us examine this fuckery:

- It was like two seconds long; blink and you'd miss it
- There was no Lily; it was Snape's worst memory because that incident ruined his relationship with Lily, and Lily wasn't even in it so what was the point of showing it then?
- Everyone's hair was atrocious - James had light brown hair and Sirius had curly frizzy hair
- It was just really badly done. I don't need to say anymore.

WORST SCENE EVER. And I'm sure there were other parts of that movie that generally pissed me off, but that's the one that stands out the most.

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Day Two - Your Favourite Movie

Ooh, this is a tricky one. This one's a tie between Prisoner of Azkaban and Deathly Hallows Part One. PoA because it's my favourite book, and I loved the cinematography. Alfonso Cuarón is on of my favourite directors, and there is such a brilliant mood to this film, it blows my mind every single time I watch it. But then there's Deathly Hallows. I've been to see it around four or five times in the cinemas, and it made me cry hysterically. Just the growth of the characters and the stark landscapes and the way they translated the book to the screen - I was really impressed. Who knows, maybe after the last movie comes out I'll have a different answer. But that's what I've got for now.

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I'm feeling rather miserable right now, so I thought I'd start this meme to lighten my spirits. Also, I really miss the Harry Potter fandom. I've been all caught up with Glee that I've sort of forgotten about my first fandom.

Day One - Your favourite book

Prisoner of Azkaban
. Without a doubt, hands down. I remember reading and re-reading this one waiting for Goblet of Fire came out and absolutey loving it every singe time I read it. The introduction of Sirius and Remus. All the werewolf drama. The time-travel storyline. BUCKBEAK. I'd read the first two of course, but it was PoA that got me hooked on the series, on the whole Harry Potter world, on fanfiction, and especially on Sirius/Remus (YES THERE IS SUBTEXT DON'T ARGUE WITH ME :P)
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Okay, so a couple of months ago I posted this thing about how the gorgeous Kate Nash was the perfect Lily Evans (IMO, of course). Anyway, my bb [livejournal.com profile] pyro_semi  posted this rather popular picture of Darren Criss on her tumblr and I was looking at it thinking, you know, WOW. Anyways I looked closer and noticed that he has hazel eyes - cue sudden realisation and much flailing about.


Let us examine the facts (and perv on the picture itself)

  • He has hazel eyes. JAMES POTTER HAS HAZEL EYES
  • He is wearing glasses. JAMES POTTER WEARS GLASSES
  • He has messy brown black hair. JAMES POTTER HAS MESSY BLACK HAIR
  • He is 21(ish). JAMES POTTER DIED WHEN HE WAS 21 <-- (thankyou [livejournal.com profile] werewolfsfan!)
  • He played freaking Harry Potter in a musical. I mean. Do I really need to go on?

So yes. There it is. Thoughts, comments a chorus of hell yes?
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Okay, well everybody and their grandmother seems to be posting their dream casts for the marauders and Lily and so far I've loved what everyone has suggested.

Except for Lily.

Now, don't get me wrong: the idea of Karen Gillan/Alison Sudol/various redheaded models are lovely, but they never really seem to capture the Lily in my head. So here is a completely random post about how I love Kate Nash and why she's always kinda been 'my Lily.'

(shitty picture is shitty, apologies)
(also, photoshopped green eyes FTW)
  • I've always seen Lily as more of a curvy girl; I've noticed a lot of people tend to associate her with stick thin models
  • The freckles! I see Lily as very freckly, so Kate Nash =  perfection
  • Lily was described in the books (by Slughorn) as being cheeky. Kate Nash just embodies that type of personality for me.
  • She (Kate Nash) is very expressive, so it's always easy to find photos of her to use as a reference/make icons.
Er. I'm sure I had other reasons, but those are the ones that spring to mind. So yes. Expect Kate Nash spam later on in the week. And perhaps a post lamenting the fact that all the 'perfect' James' DON'T WEAR GLASSES!

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And here is the second (of three) posts I'm making about the [livejournal.com profile] rs_career_fest.

Honestly, I've been kind of caught up with other fic, and the lily/james fest, hence me being lazy when it comes to these fics. So, only five today, and I'll probably get around to writing about the last five on friday.

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l/j fest

Aug. 20th, 2010 11:45 pm
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Posting has begun over at [info]lilyjames_fest.

I didn't really get involved in the commenting and reviewing during the r/s career fest, so I'm going to do my best with this one. I'll probably come back raving about all the great fic/art later.
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I've finally moved into my new house! It's small and cold but I love it to bits and pieces. Also, if I thought packing was hard, that's NOTHING compared to unpacking. Why do I have so much stuff?!

Forget that now, more important things to discuss. Like oh, I don't know, the LILYJAMES_FEST!!!

I am ridiculously excited about this, I cannot even begin to express how much. I checked through the prompt list, and people have claimed some really interesting ones - I can't wait to see what they come up with!

Who else is excited/ is participating/has thoughts on the fest?

And why aren't there more Lily/James fests? I know there's the marauder big bang (which I'm also thrilled about), but what about career fests for Lily/James? Or am I just blind and are they lurking around on lj?

Okay, so [livejournal.com profile] rs_career_fest . AMAZING. I admit to just getting around to properly reading through all of them. Thoughts and favourites under the cut:

I feel like a kid at Christmas going through all this fic!!! )


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I just found the most amazing piece of lily/james fanart by [livejournal.com profile] koonelliphant over here.

I love her re-envisioning of the Hogwarts uniform, and her style has this lovely retro feel to it.

(perhaps I'll rec some more fanart later. there really are some hidden gems around here)

ETA: THIS, by [livejournal.com profile] midnight_ljc 


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