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No joke, I actually had this dream last night. It was a lot more involved and very angsty. There was a heart-wrenching scene where Darren was found floating in the river and he had this satchel and in it he had these notes he'd written to everyone he loved in case he never saw them again. And it rained a lot. And Emma couldn't understand what Darren went through, so he turned to me for love and support. Or something.

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Okay, just because I'm bored, and also super curious - what are your phobias? What freaks you out more than anything?
I thought I'd share mine first, because honestly some of them are freakin' bizarre:

Birds - I think this is reasonable. I'm fairly certain that they're proof of the devil. I can't even look at drawings of them.
Falling - I could be on a stepladder a foot on the ground and become convinced that I'm going to lose my balance and fall. For this reason, I avoid really steep hills, stairs I'm not used to, and escalators.
Cockroaches - I felt sick just typing that. Ugh.
Mannequins - My Ma has one in her room that she has DRESSED UP. Like it has a fucking dress and a hat and scarves and shit. *shivers*
Having super dry hands - If I touch certain types of material with dry hands... I lose my shit
Wearing turtlenecks or having anything wrapped too tightly around my neck - I seriously feel like I'm going to die.
Milk - I don't even know with this one. I just can't. I can't even think about it. I'm okay if it's mixed in with food, like pasta or mashed potatoes, as long as I don't see it being made. When I bake cakes and need to use milk, I get someone else to pour it for me.

So. What about everyone else?
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What is it with men acting like it's them that gets to decide what 'lady-like' behaviour is? Seriously?

So I'm on youtube, and someone sends me this link to Jessie J and her single "Do It Like A Dude". I'm told she's like "the British Lady Gaga", which made me go a bit like this :/ because I love my Mama Monster and I'm really wary of people proclaiming other artists to be like her. I give it a go though and I have to admit, it's pretty darn catchy. Then I see "Do It Like a Dude - acoustic" and because I'm a sucker for a girl and a guitar, I check it out.

And damn.


She can sing. She's not just autotuned nonsense and ridic dance moves. She has a set of pipes on her. So I get all excited and read through the comments, expecting people to be like "yay, finally another female artist who can actually carry a tune without the help of a computer" (and yes, I know, it's YouTube, I kind of set myself up for failure). Of course, some guy decides to leave a comment along the lines of:

"this is degrading and she is not acting like a lady"

And maybe it's because I'm tired and I don't feel well but FUCK. What the hell is this 'lady-like' behaviour, and who gets to decide what is 'lady-like' and what isn't? From what I can see, it's apparently men. Fuck that. (this is pretty much what I said in response to that guy,  btw.)

So yes. Just wanted to put that out there because it really pissed me off and I will probably add more when I'm not feeling like throwing up. Thoughts, comments?
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So today I played my uberhood and decided to visit Jessica Peterson. She herself had a visitor, one Jennail Tricou.

Nevermind the fact that's it's daytime and she's a vampire, nothing much out of the ordinary right? For some reason they hate each other (might have to figure out what's going on there...)

And then I look to the right. And I see this:

Let us examine the WTFery of this photo:
  • There are six Jennail's. Not including the one bitching out at Jessica
  • Someone has peed everywhere
  • One of them is discussing fried eggs with her clone
  • One is doing a full-on exorcist twist
You better believe I clicked out of there without saving *is worried about her game now*


Oct. 26th, 2010 03:43 pm
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Okay so I think I have borked my game. Or maybe not, but either way someone is not right. Basically, no grey hairs are showing up for females. It's not that bad because some of the custom greys are still in the custom bin, but seriously. WHAT DID I DO? And how do I fix it? Can any other simmers out there help?

Does this make any sense? Here's a pic, apologies for the shitty quality. SEE? Where are all the elder hairs? They show up for the males, why not the females? Am I being an idiot, and is the fix really obvious? I don't know...


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